Mantain Presence Wherver Your Customers Go

Today we are able to do anything we want while we are on the move. Go banking, buy some sotck, order food, watch sports or a movie and communicate all using our mobile devices.

But mobile does not mean just a smartphone. People are constantly on the move, it´s always been that way. We walk, ride bikes, run, drive, travel and still remain perpetually connected we just love to stay on line.

Out of This World

Canadian astronaut Commander Chris Hadfield is a perfect example. Hadfield turned into an immediate Internet sensation while he was in outer space – it doesn´t get any more mobile than that. He kept active on his Twitter account, posting pictures and videos, communicated via email and up to date with the world through the Internet.

Constant Movement

Consumers travel from their homes to their office, off-site business meetings, to their favorite coffe shop, and back home again. That´s a lot of moving around.

A potential customer might visit your site on his PC while at work, read your email on his tablet while at a business meeting and check out Twitter on his smartphone while having coffee. It´s becoming more and more importante for businesses to mantain constant presence across multiple platforms.


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