Dynamic Solutions For Display Advertising

Has it ever happened to you that you discuss about a particular car with a friend o you engage with it and suddenly it seems as if you see it on the street regularly. Like for example you are looking to buy a car and visit the dealership to test drive a Mitsubishi Lancer, the next couple of weeks you could swear every other car is this same exact model.

This phenomenom is called top-of-mind awareness and it´s exactly the reason why display advertising works so well. Our display solutions provides your business with the opportunity to build and mantain top-of-mind on your potential customers that might be interested in your products or services, or that have previously visited your site but did not purchase. It´s common mistake to assume that a potential customer has lost interest in your business just because he visited your site and did not commit to a purchase.

Engage With The Intelligent Consumer

Consumers are becoming smarter and spend more time searching for information on products and services they want. It´s possible that a potential customer visiting your site for the first time is not yet prepared to make a purchase. If they leave your site and you don’t make an effort to bring them back, its possible they never will. Display advertising has the ability to keep your products and services on the customer’s mind and nudge them into coming back.

Our display solutions work by showing ads in front ofsurfers that are searhing for products and services similar to yours or that have previously visited your site (this means they will see your banner ads while surfing other sites). In some cases they will click on your ad while others will revisit your site because you created awareness again. Worst case its better at least to be proactive in trying to lure back customers you already had assume to be lost.


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